Inspyral Workshops

Dropping the Ball (Intro to Juggling): Beginners welcome! We can teach you to juggle. (Even you!) Taught by the most reluctant juggler (Kelsey) and her teacher (Jeremy).

Struggle with Friends (Intermediate Juggling): Beginner Passing! 3, 5, and 6 ball partner patterns. Club passing. (Pre-req: 3 ball cascade)

Beginner Hula Hooping: Kelsey can teach ANYONE to hula hoop. Learn some fun and fancy moves to impress your friends and have fun dancing with the hoop.

Playshop for Kids: Hula hoops, flower sticks, ribbons, levitation wands, juggling and group games. Family play and learn together with Kelsey & Jeremy of Inspyral.

Weaves & Fountains (Double Hoops with Kelsey): Learn beautiful double hoop patterns like weaves, fountains, and isoflowers.

Get Flashy (Intermediate Club Juggling with Jeremy): Learn fancy club moves to spice up your juggling performance.

Unicycling: (Hard surface required) Learn how to unicycle! Or learn how to learn how to unicycle. It takes about 2 weeks on average to learn to unicycle, but you will get a head start with Jeremy’s class. He’s been unicycling for 19 years!

Business Tech: Demystifying the business side of flow arts. Empowering you to charge what you are worth to do what you love. Negotiating pricing, contracts, and deposits (sample documents provided).

Flow Arts Choreography: Kelsey & Jeremy from Inspyral share their method for sequencing flow arts choreography to showcase your best performance on stage.

Got questions? We’re happy to answer them.