Harwelden Mansion

October 17th

Ambient Glow Entertainment at Sunset $600


Brocade Costumes- Ground and Stilts (minus wings)


Jack Skellington on stilts / Day of the Dead Costuming


Custom Event Options:

Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to these photos, nor own the items pictured. These are visual aids for creating custom features for your event. The costumes, colors and theme of your custom feature will be tailored to your specific desires.


Green Stilt-walkers $1000 -Two stilt-walkers + custom costuming

Green-themed, elegantly dressed stilt-walkers. Two female or male and female.


Hedge Champagne Wall - Estimated $2000 to fabricate, set up, and staff.


Human Table (Any costume/theme)- Estimated $2000-3000 to fabricate, decorate and staff.


Champagne Gown - Estimated $1000-2000 to rent, dress and staff.


Topiary Girls (Can be stilt-walkers too ) $1000

Estimates are very rough, since this was put together in just a few days.

Questions? Contact Kelsey Philo at 918-232-8297