Who is your ideal client?

Thought experiment… What is your DREAM gig?

Of all the gigs out there, which one do you want the most, and who is doing the booking for those events? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you answer all of the rest of the multitude of decisions you have to make as to how to present yourself to the world as a professional performer.

In the great productivity book “The ONE Thing” by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan (highly recommend!), the key to deciding what to do next is to do the ONE thing that will make all the tasks after it easier. Here’s your one thing: Who do you want to work for?

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Knowing where you want to work and who you want to work for tells you how to design your website, business cards, costume, photo shoots, and advertising. It’s important to spend some time getting into the head of your dream client, so that when they are looking for you, you check all the boxes.

What do they want you to wear (Harem pants or dress pants)? Do they want you to be sexy or modest? Will they be hiring you for a fire show or a stilt-walking gig? Is the audience adults-only or families? Is the dream gig at a club or a church?

Always be true to yourself and your art. To be a professional performer, it’s important to also get hired to do your art. You want to hear “I’m so glad I found you!” from your dream client, right before they sign your contract and send you your deposit for your dream gig.

Bonus: Knowing who your dream client is can save you the energy of not booking your calendar full of not-your-dream-clients. We often let gigs pass because it’s just not the right fit for us. The regret you feel when the dream client calls, but you are already booked with your not-dream client is a mistake you only hope to make once!