Always bring an extra pair of fishnets

I believe there exists an alternate universe in which sequins and fishnets are not mortal enemies, but in our line of work, we have to prepare for the worst. I’ve spent months booking this gig, years practicing my skills, and weeks on our choreography just to rip my fishnets on my boot zipper 10 minutes before we go on stage in front of 1500 people. I don’t mean a little hole. I mean… this is a corporate event at 9:00 AM, and now I look like I’m leaving the bar after last call. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but I’m nervous about a lot of things going right during this gig (mostly partner juggling and the part where I hula hoop on my foot), I don’t need to be worried about if the audience of sales execs are looking at the hole in my tights instead of my smile.


What other items do you bring a back-up of? Got any horror stories? Leave a comment!


Protip: Always bring an extra pair of whatever tends to get ruined easily.

  • Tights

  • Leotard

  • Remote (for your LEDs)

  • Lighter (for fire shows)

  • White oxford shirt

  • Hair tie

  • False Eyelashes or back-up glue

  • Device to play your music